Based on the Blockchain, real estate, fiduciary, monetary and financial tokenization makes it possible to value and materialize real assets in the digital world. Disclaimer: before starting a tokenization project, please contact the professionals registered at the AMF (France), FSMA (Belgium), BaFin (Germany), CSSF (Luxembourg), Banco de Espana, Bank of Portugal, MFRL (Lithuania), OAM (Italy), FSA (Estonia)

What are the activities of EURONIXA ?

1/ Promoting the adoption of crypto-assets by professionals in all sectors;

2/ Professionnal Vocational training;

3/ Talent payroll management and placement in assignments and projects;

4/ Participation and technology watch in technology fairs and hackathons;

5/ Lobbying and European regulatory monitoring;

6/ Crowdfunding and the issuance of digital tokens (ICO);

7/ European program management, in particular R&D and co-investment in open innovation, in particular in the collateralisation of crypto assets with real assets (such as precious metals, real estate, energy) , the development of tokenized green finance with green tokens and the industry of green mining farms (or green mining).


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